Rapid Installation and Versatile Design, CELL WALL™ by retained earth

The CELL WALL™ Concrete Retaining System by retained earth™ is an evolutionary step for small to large scale retaining structures. Utilising the true mechanism of ‘mass gravity’, the CELL WALL™ system creates a solid-state mass, comprised of wet cast concrete and other materials, which is available in a range of colours and textured finishes.


retained earth™, by way of extensive product development and design, have created
a mass gravity retaining wall system that is;

– quick to install
– ergonomically designed to allow for easy handling without machinery
– designed to minimise excavation and site preparation
– highly cost effective due to the absence of steel posts and supports
– constructed using our unique proprietary interlocking design
– compliant with various international standards
– designed up to 100 years design life
– capable of supporting large loads, i.e.- bridge abutments, road grade separation
– designed to prevent sliding, overturning and other modes of failure
– capable to withstand vibration from road and rail
– resistant to scour ( mode of failure) through loss of fines material in select fill
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Download (pdf) retained-earth-cell-wall-system


Available in several different colours and textures

Standard grey concrete colour with ‘flush timber’ finish – click for more