Steel Gabions and Wire Walls

Stone Gabions have been used for centuries. Middle age farmers in the UK built dry pack gabions to separate paddocks and to also retain soil. The first were the Italians and with Leonardo DaVinci designing foundations utilising “big baskets” to hold stone together, it was only a matter of time before the ‘gabionne’  became mainstream.

Gabions make excellent garden features

And when used in combination with extensible soil reinforcements, the traditional gabion or wire-faced wall can cater for higher loads.

Gabions are also great as they can be pre-loaded in our yard and sent to site ready to place into position. They are also utilised to increase foundation strength in poorly draining soil as they perform very well in soft soil conditions.

retained earth can provide many types of  gabion and other wire-faced walls for your projects. Contact us for further information.